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War in Ukraine

26 februari 2022

This post is to inform you all about a Russian Invasion and Coup Détat by president Vladimir Putin against peaceful Ukrainians, and our plans of action. An attack on one, in an attack against all.

In my capacity as the official head of citizens from the first independent Republic in Africa (Liberia) living in the Netherlands, with oversight for our undocumented migrants in collaboration with our Duth Municipality (gemeente), I wish to bring you warmest greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

More importantly, please be reminded that we all took an oath to become European citizens to defend our lovely Europe, if it’s under threat of attack. Our European compatriots in Urkaine are presently being held hostage by Russia. This act of terrorism must be condemned and resisted without any preconditions.

Therefore, if you’re calling upon to assist, let it be considered as a call to patriotic responsibilities. It’s time to show our binding love and solidarity to our European compatriots.

We will keep you updates as situations unfold.

Sincerely yours.

Abraham Fofana.